Submission to Foreign Affairs Select Committee inquiry: British foreign policy and the 'Arab Spring': the transition to democracy

December 2011
This submission presents the issues discussed at a Royal African Society / Africa APPG and closed briefing held in the House of Commons on 7th December 2011 
entitled: ‘Business Opportunities for British Companies'. The audience comprised Members 
of the UK Parliament and the speakers included: a former British ambassador to Libya with 
particular knowledge of the Libyan business climate, a leading authority on banking in Libya 
and an expert on British investments in North Africa. While it does not conclude with 
specific recommendations, we believe the meeting raised a number of key issues of 
relevance to the Foreign Affairs Select Committee’s inquiry on British foreign policy and the 
'Arab Spring': the transition to democracy, in particular those related to the revival of the 
Libyan economy, and we therefore urge the Committee to take these issues into account