Focus themes & work of the APPG

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The Africa APPG runs a regular series of roundtable discussions, briefings and panel events in Parliament, including briefings with visiting Heads of State, Africans in the diaspora, activists, business people, the media and parliamentarians. These meetings and activities usually part of larger enquiry for the APPG, with oral and wrtten evidence being taken. In addition, the Africa APPG arranges delegations of parliamentarians to African counties to better inform our reports and inquiries.

Focus topics for the 2016-2017 parliamentary year include:

  • Trade with and within Africa- the Africa APPG is undertaking an inquiry into the impact of Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) on African economies and exploring how post-brexit and interim trade arrangements can be of mututal benefit to the UK and African countries. 
  • Parliamentary and democratic oversight and the role of civil society
  • Infrastructure to support industrialisation, regional trade and value-adding supply chains within Africa
  • UK visas for African applicants- looking at the quality of decision making within UKVI
  • Creative economy in Africa- film, fashion, art, food and literature

Meetings & work of the APPG:

Some meetings are open to Royal African Society members and sometimes to the public but are usually by invitation. Meetings are sometimes audio recorded and made available on the RAS Mixcloud site. PowerPoint slides from some presentations are also available on SlideShare.

To keep up to date with APPG's activities please follow us on Twitter @AfricaAPPG and sign up to the Africa APPG public mailing list here. (Selecting "Africa APPG" under "Let me know about").


Memos and blogs from the Africa APPG are posted on the RAS News section of the website and are also available here:

Roundtable with 14 African Tech start-up CEOs: Challenges and opportunities in Africa’s digital technology sector (August 2017)

Post-Brexit Africa-UK trade and investment arrangements (July 2016)

Corruption, conflict and the international community: discussing South Sudan, Nigeria & the UK (May 2016)

Developing Sustainable & Accessible Energy Infrastructure in Sub-Saharan Africa (March 2016)

DFID makes the right noises over Ebola lessons (March 2016)

Parliamentary report suggests mistrust between communities, Governments and responders hindered inital Ebola response (March 2015) 

Hearing communities in health crises: Lessons from Ebola (November 2015)

Ebola: a crises of coordination, communication and confidence (July 2015) 

High-level OvaHerero & Nama delegations visit UK Parliament (July 2015)

The International Development APPGs meeting with Amina J Mohammed, UN Special Advisor on Post-2015 development planning (March 2015)

Mitigating a major food security crisis in West Africa: The impact of Ebola on agriculture and rural livelihoods (February 2015)

Ebolanomics: a pharmaceutical question (February 2015)

Roundtable on visas with former Chief Inspector of Borders & Immigration (January 2015) 

Roundtable with Deputy Director Africa at the IMF (December 2014)

Combating Ebola: has the media helped or hindered? (December 2014)

High-level panel on African health leadership (October 2014)

Roundtable with AU Peace & Security Commissioner (October 2014)