The Africa APPG

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The Africa APPG's AGM will be held on the 14th September at 4pm in  Room O, PCH- This meeting is for parliamentarians only. 

The Royal African Society works to further understanding within parliament of African and pan-African matters to promote African voices and development agendas by supporting the Africa All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG). The Royal African Society provides the full-time support of a Policy & Research Co-ordinator based in UK Parliament.

The Africa APPG, established in 2003 by Sir Hugh Bayley and Lord Lea of Crondall, is one of the most active All Party Groups in Parliament, with 195 Members from both Houses and across all Parties.  The Group is chaired by Chi Onwurah MP and Lord Chidgey as the co-Chair from the Lords and focuses on structural issues that affect the continent as a whole, across a range of policy areas including approach to foreign affairs, economics, trade, business, industrialisation and politics.

The APPG’s activities include briefings and meetings with leading figures working on African issues, research inquiries and policy reports and arranging delegations of members to African countires. The APPG also publishes a regular Westminster bulletin 'Africa in Parliament' and works as part of the informal coaliton of International Development APPGs.

Keep up to date with the APPG's activities by following us on Twitter @AfricaAPPG and by joining our public mailing list here (selecting "Africa APPG" under "Let me know about").


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