Advocacy Work

Through its advocacy and policy programme with the APPG for Africa, the Royal African Society focuses on specific, sometimes overlooked issues, relating to the UK's relationship with Africa that often need attention or reform. Thematic focuses for policy inquiries are chosen in conjunction with the elected parliamentary officers of the APPG for Africa and selected based on where there is unmet demand or need for closer oversight and where an APPG policy inquiry can add most value. 

Inquires usually last 6-12 months and will include an open public consultation on the terms of reference, evidence gathering sessions in parliament, parliamentary delegations (when funding is available) and arranging meetings between parliamentarians and various experts and stakeholders within the inquiry area. Upon conclusion of the inquiry, a policy report complete with recommendations for UK Government is published and a response usually received from the responsible Ministers. These reports are used as tool to grow awareness and interest in the issue within parliament and Whitehall and used to advocate for support from Ministers and decision makers for positive change. 

For a full record of our previous policy reports and committee submissions please see here.